Woodland Critter Cushions

So I made these lovely appliqué cushions a few months ago:

I’m finally getting round to posting about them as I recieved a message from Making Magazine asking to use them in their ‘Making Views’ column in Februray. I’m very excited as this will be the second time some of my creations have been displayed.

Well, all this got me thinking that I really should get a blog up and running. And show the world some of the awesome things I get up to in my spare time. So here it is!

A bit about the cushions then…

…I have a huge stash of fabric, yarn, thread, buttons, beads, etc. etc. and I really need to work my way through some of that; just so I have space for more really. But anyway, I was looking for things I might do with it all.

Son no. 2, H, was in Owl’s class at school and so I thought I’d make something along that theme. Originally, I designed a set of 9 pillows containing frogs, snakes, mice, butterflies and other woodland critters. But I decided I didnt have space for that many cushions, so H helped to pick out the best three.

We got out all the fabric and he helped to choose the colourways for each animal. He has such a good eye for colour!