About Me

Some of my fondest childhood memories, are of sitting on my grandma’s knee needles or hook, and yarn in my hands and her soft hands guiding mine. Knitting a row each, she patiently righting my errors. And so my love of yarn and colour and texture grew with every stitch.

Soon I out grew that lap, and began creating on my own. Working from patterns passed down through generations of knitters; baby cardigans, shawls, and many more. But my mind was full of its own ideas, changing things here and there, more and more until no pattern was quite what I wanted, until I just had to go it alone.

As a teenager I began creating my own patterns. My first creations, crocheted blankets, ponchos, and simple knitted dolls. More recently, I have begun to write down my patterns, dabbling with a blog a few years ago, before starting a career in teaching put a halt to any work-life balance.

But now I feel compelled to share my patterns, to let others into my world of creativity and exploration, and hopefully share a little of my passion with all of you.