Christmas Cards

I am so bad at sending Christmas cards. The thought is there; I usually get as far as writing them and sealing the envelopes, but then fail to actually send them. This year I thought I wouldn’t waste money on cards that might not actually get sent, instead Da Boyz and I made cards.

It was great fun and cheap! I got 50 red card blanks from the craft shop for about £4, and gathered together glue, glitter, sequins, gold card and star punch, and paint and potatoes.

Yes! That good old craft of potato stamping! I really had forgotten how much fun it is.

There was also a good amount of finger painting and hand printing too (and green bath water afterwards).

The results were fabulous!

Son no. 1, has sensory processing problems and hates getting dirty, gooey or slimy, but the potato stamping gave him a bit of distance from the paint. O really got into it, and was very proud of his tree cards (He did rush off to wash his hands pretty fast though).

H, on the other hand, loves getting messy (and improving my ideas). He very quickly went away from the plain triangular trees.

And little A, well he just loves covering everything in paint!

I’m pretty sure that everyone of the cards that made it to its destination has made someone smile this Christmas. Especially me!